Did any of you catch agent Drew Rosenhaus’s comments after T.O. signed with the Bills on Saturday?

Here’s the actual quote:

“He thanks the Cowboys organization for releasing him and adding to his bank account.”

What a joke this guy is…

First of all, the additional money that will go into Owens’ bank account is a minimal figure considering the amount of cash he has earned throughout his career. I believe the total dollar difference amounts to around $500,000.

Second, the move to Buffalo essentially means that any ideas the 35-year-old receiver had of winning a Super Bowl are out the window, as he will fade into the background on a bottom feeding NFL team.

The Bills have no shot.

While they’ll be a bit more competitive and don’t have that bad of a team, in the AFC East, 8-8 is probably their ceiling.

The Pats are clearly the class of the division, Parcells is building a winner down in Miami, and the Jets put nine wins on the board a year ago.

So, most likely, Owens is looking at a third or fourth place finish and a small television market to display his antics and skill set to.

Do you think he’d trade that $500,000 to be in the limelight and have an opportunity to win something meaningful like he had in Dallas?

Absolutely, but Drew will never let you believe it.

He’ll just spin some garbage to diffuse any ill feelings or thoughts associated with the humility of a Hall of Famer being cut by an owner who is trying to win a championship.

Classy Drew, real classy.

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