It’s been a busy first day of free agency in the NFL, to say the least. Here’s our two cents for some of the moves which were made headlines earlier on in the day.

Washington Redskins

Defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth and cornerback DeAngelo Hall- the top free agent on the market and premier DT in football was scooped up by Daniel Snyder for $100 million over seven years, $41 million guaranteed. And later, he retained CB DeAngelo Hall’s services at a $54 million clip over six years.

This isn’t the first time Snyder has tried to buy a championship, and it certainly won’t be the last. the guy is absolutely loaded with cash and unafraid to spend it. His first dozens or so attempts have proven futile, but Haynesworth is a stud and will make a noticeable difference for that ‘Skins defense.

Hall’s a solid player too, but more times than not, his hype has surpassed his on field production and his attitude has had an adverse effect on his team. Will these signings be enough to put them over the top? No. But a solid DT can make the entire defense better, and cover guys are at a premium these days in the NFL.

I’ll tell you one guy who is incredibly happy with the Haynesworth signing today: Jason Taylor. Maybe if he focuses on football this off-season rather than dancing on TV, he’ll be able to take advantage of his one on one match ups and get back to a double digit sack total.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Kellen Winslow Jr. – within days of making a very unfavorable move in the Tampa community with the release of linebacker Derrick Brooks, the Bucs have redeemed themselves in a big way by landing Winslow Jr. for a draft choice. I’m not sure which choice it is, but Winslow, when healthy, is a premier tight end in this league who needed a change of scenery from Cleveland.

Things never got off on the right foot – no pun intended – as Winslow hurt his knee in a motorcycle accident early on and had a litany of other issues that rubbed Cleveland the wrong way.  But the bottom line is he can play and he’ll now do so with a chip on his shoulder; he loves to prove doubters wrong.

New England Patriots

Running back Fred Taylor and TE Chris Baker – Belichick knows how to retool as well as anyone. Every year he picks up guys off the street, who were let go by their former teams because they supposedly had nothing left in the tank (see Rodney Harrison), and plugs them into his system which is one of the best in the business. Taylor will be a nice counterpart to RBs Maroney and (Sammy) Morris, and Baker will be an excellent addition to an offense that loves to use multiple TE sets. Baker was very underrated in New York and is a solid receiving threat.

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